A number of recent Asheville Blade stories illustrate how often big consequences can often come from seemingly small or overlooked matters that can have major impacts on our lives, our city and our futures.

Last week, as the holidays and winter started to sink their teeth into our city, hundreds showed up on short notice, gathering around the Vance Monument.

It’s impossible to miss that it’s Election Time. The incessant ads and memes and Facebook updates are enough to make you want to move to a remote island.

I reported this Tuesday along with about 50 other folks in my county. Unlike everyone else, I wore a tie. I suspect this is why I was kicked off a jury.

Turner was able to clearly see that Asheville citizens were driven to make changes, but getting lost in the process of how to make those changes.

The Obamas are moving here?! Possible whiskey shortage?! I can be in the next Galifianakis movie?!

You can buy $12 of cat treats with your reward for a day’s inefficient jury service.