The 28803 Story

The Magnetic Theatre’s "Food and How to Eat It" achieves a fabulously amusing mix between “Portlandia” and an afternoon educational special. It’s also relevant to this tasty, artsy mountain city with a tourist economy.

In its new “locally sourced comedy,” The Magnetic Theatre is again daring, experimental, and thought-provoking. 'The Merchant of Asheville' runs through July 4 at the company's new permanent home, Magnetic 375.

The last Thursday of every month means it’s time for “Listen to This – Stories in Performance.” This month's show takes place at 7:30 on Thursday, May 28 at 35 Below under Asheville Community Theatre and the topic is funerals, wakes, and memorials.

Asheville Sister Cities hosts a fundraiser in honor of our two Mexican sister cities and the nonprofit that maintains these relationships by celebrating with live music, food, drinks, a raffle, and more.

Asheville Vaudeville returns to Toy Boat Community Art Space for two shows Saturday night, April 18, promising to keep Asheville weird and showcase homespun creative experimentation throughout the show.

All you need to turn up a party is a big personality, not a strong drink. I like wine. I care about varietals, decanting, and swirl of the glass. And I understand the fear of tannins is largely misunderstood BS. But in spring and summer, I’m sometimes okay with just a bit of so-so wine and seltzer.

Nothing like the start of the holiday season to remind us how epically single we might be. Are you a longer term single? It's not just you, and Rhoda understands.

Different Strokes! Performing Arts Collective presents a staged reading of the revised version of Carla Pridgen's "Incongruence," which premiered last year in Asheville, just ahead of the play's New York premiere.

You can buy $12 of cat treats with your reward for a day’s inefficient jury service.