Ashvegas - Jul 26 2018
The city's first Visiting Artist Program is aimed at honoring Asheville's African-American community.

Ashvegas - Jul 25 2018
The January festival is expanding into a week-long event.

Sexistentialism - Jul 24 2018
Here's a tip: channel your irrational yearning for your ex into a steamy summer fling.

Ashvegas - Jul 23 2018
The N.C. Stage Company's theater space is hosting a singer-songwriter listening-room concert series called "Up Close" this summer.

Ashvegas - Jul 20 2018
The event will be held from 6-7:30 p.m. at Pack Library Auditorium.

Ashvegas - Jul 19 2018
The event is stacked with multiple comedians from around the country.

Ashvegas - Jul 18 2018
Stylists offer services to the public for suggested donations as they raise money for the nonprofit.

Ashvegas - Jul 17 2018
The work calls attention to the impacts of climate change.

Ashvegas - Jul 16 2018
The July 20 event will benefit the family of local comedian Michael Roach, who died in April.

Ashvegas - Jul 15 2018
Baker makes beautiful lamps, and Koll is a photographer.

Ashvegas - Jul 14 2018
The gallery will celebrate its new location with an Aug. 3 reception.

YoungAsheville - Jul 12 2018
Asheville-based Cory Brent of Broken Bellows talks about his inspiration behind the duo's debut album.

Ashvegas - Jul 10 2018
The play is a one-person documentary of sorts, featuring actor Mondy Carter.

Ashvegas - Jul 9 2018
A reception for the show will be held from 5-9 p.m. at District Wine Bar.

Ashvegas - Jul 8 2018
The Asheville River Arts District includes 23 buildings and more than 200 artists.

Ashvegas - Jul 7 2018
The production continues through July 14.

Ashvegas - Jul 6 2018
Movie producer and director Arthur Penn's legacy in American film is one deeply rooted in his experiences at Black Mountain College.

Ashvegas - Jul 5 2018
The performance will mix both classical music and popular hits.

Ashvegas - Jul 3 2018
The event, set for Nov. 7-11 in Asheville, will give artists, scientists and environmentalists an opportunity to work together creatively on environmental issues.

The Daily Orca - Jul 1 2018
A perfectly functional film that's sure to please many and prove harmless to the rest.

Ashvegas - Jun 28 2018
The July 18 event will provide a forum for discussing ways to promote sexual and gender diversity in area workplaces.

Ashvegas - Jun 27 2018
Reardon has been serving as assistant director for five years.

Thriftygirl - Jun 26 2018
Here's one thing I never expected: amazingly vivid dreams.

Ashvegas - Jun 25 2018
"Starbright" by Sean David Robinson was named the winner of the 2019 New Play Project and Mark Gilbert Award.

Ashvegas - Jun 23 2018
The show features photographs by several artists.

Ashvegas - Jun 21 2018
The purpose of the contest is to showcase innovative building projects constructed predominantly of used building materials.

Ashvegas - Jun 20 2018
New additions to the event this year include a free community yoga practice each day and free attendance to panel discussions with a variety of presenters.

Ashvegas - Jun 18 2018
A new installation will feature the work of artist Aaron McIntosh.

Ashvegas - Jun 15 2018
This Blue Ridge Parkway park is in need of extensive repairs.

Ashvegas - Jun 11 2018
Here are three suggestions for enojying those first sips of summer.

Ashvegas - Jun 9 2018
Butora currently serves as the music director of the Tallahassee and Missoula symphony orchestras.

Ashvegas - Jun 8 2018
More than 150 riders are expected for the annual family-friendly bike ride and social.

Ashvegas - Jun 7 2018
The book is latest from Asheville author Robert Beatty, creator of the best-selling Serafina series.

Ashvegas - Jun 6 2018
The Asheville Yoga Center wants to help keep Asheville’s natural lands and waterways free from trash.

Ashvegas - Jun 5 2018
Meet Star and Huck.

The Daily Orca - Jun 4 2018
Easily the most intense and terrifying horror film to come out in decades. It won't be for everyone, but it will affect anyone who sees it in some way.

Ashvegas - Jun 2 2018
The Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation seeks donors to support improved exhibits, trails, historical sites and more.

Ashvegas - Jun 1 2018
This year’s theme is “Celebrating Women in Rhythm.”

The Daily Orca - May 29 2018
Not the best film in the franchise, but far from the worst. While mostly agreeable, Solo still has its ups and downs.

The Daily Orca - May 27 2018
A foul-mouthed and wise-cracking meta super hero movie that works more than it doesn't. Viewer discretion is definitely advised.